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M A Birch Structured Cabling Ltd are a communications and security company based in Colchester, Essex, covering the UK and Europe. Our core business model comes from a history of designing, building, and maintaining high standard, effective and technology driven solutions – often needing to reach remote, off-grid and off-network locations.



Cameras intalled last year

Helping to secure over





kilometres of cable used


    We have many years’ experience in designing, installing and maintaining Local Area Networks with copper and fibre optic cabling
  • CCTV

    We offer a wide range of analogue, IP and hybrid solutions

    Offering a wide range of long distance wireless services including backhaul, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, WLAN and rollout services

We install the best products in surveillance designed for the most harshest of environments.


Offshore rigs and marine vessels have to deal with the harshest weathers and environmental conditions on the planet and so do the CCTV systems that observe and protect these large operations.


Each week in the local press and news we all hear about farm theft and damage from criminal activity. Protection via CCTV can act as a good deterrent and provide evidence of agricultural crime.


 Industrial CCTV involves a specially made camera system constructed from alternative materials so they can withstand all kinds of external elements including weather, gases, dust and heat.

Smart homes


From boiling a kettle from your bedroom to changing the heating on your mobile hundreds of miles away, these a just a couple of things Smart Home systems can do to make life that little bit easier.


At MABSC Ltd we don’t want to sell you a CCTV system and then say goodbye! We want to continue to support you with your security needs to make sure you get the most from your CCTV surveillance.

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